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Platform of Asa Hutchinson for President

As President, I will uphold the Constitution of the United States and restore respect for the rule of law. I will defend our borders, strengthen our military to secure peace through strength, and push back against Communist China. Domestically, I will unleash American energy production, grow our economy, restore fiscal sanity, and reduce the bloated federal government that intrudes on our lives every day.

In the first 30 days of my administration, I will:


  1. Stop the advancement of the radical left agenda by swiftly repealing all of President Biden’s leftist social directives harming our schools and our businesses.

  2. Institute an immediate hiring freeze for non-defense federal workers as the first step in our mission to reduce federal government workforce by at least 200,000 jobs, achieving a 10% reduction.

  3. Issue an executive order to implement a pro-growth energy policy, emphasizing bio-fuels; alternative fuel sources, and unleashing our oil and gas producers. I will open more federal lands for drilling, reduce the excessive regulation delays in the development of new nuclear facilities, and support the ethanol industry by eliminating the summer restrictions on E-15 ethanol.

  4. Secure the border by expanding the wall, invest in advanced border security technology, support the border patrol; and end the catch and releases system that has made a mockery of our rule of law and our sovereignty. I will submit a border security bill to Congress, providing the necessary funding and reforms. I will engage with the border governors, both Democratic and Republican, to present a unified front on border security and to stop the Biden Administration lawsuits against the governors on immigration enforcement.

  5. Make the American economy my top priority. I will end the printing of money in Washington that adds endlessly to our national debt. I will balance the budget within four (4) years and submit a budget to Congress that reins in federal spending. I will work with Congress to rescind spending authority for any funds in the pipeline that is not obligated under previous Congressional spending bills. Furthermore, no federal regulations will be approved without assuring that it is consistent with congressional intent and does not create unnecessary burdens on citizens and businesses.

  6. Establish a Commission for the Future of Medicare and Social Security, through executive order and with Congressional support. These two funds are in jeopardy of going bankrupt within the next decade. This commission will make recommendations to Congress to assure the programs for our citizens and make necessary reforms to protect them for future generations. My commitment is to safeguard the interests of our senior citizens and secure the long-term sustainability of these vital programs.

  7. Reform federal law enforcement agencies to make them more accountable, transparent, and focused. The FBI will be streamlined and the leadership within the Department of Justice will be changed to assure the equal enforcement of the law and greater accountability. I will establish a unified framework through a charter that safeguards civil liberties, enhances accountability, ensures consistency across all 90 law enforcement agencies, and rebuilds trust between law enforcement and the American people. In addition, each agency will have its jurisdiction clearly defined and we will eliminate overlapping responsibilities.

  8. Increase the workforce in the United States by eliminating the government penalty for those 62 to 66 who want to receive social security and continue working. When people want to work, then let them without government sanctions. I will also enact a state-based visa program that will empower states to leverage immigration to meet their specific workforce needs. This program will include stringent safeguards to ensure both the availability of a qualified workforce and the protection of our national security.

  9. Use the Defense Production Act to return all production of defense material and equipment including ammunition from China to the United States. Our national security requires us to eliminate out dependency on China and supply our critical military supply chain.

  10. Strengthen our foreign policy by implementing the Reagan doctrine of peace through strength:

Prioritze securing the border and dismantling the cartels. My first trip as President outside the country will be to Mexico to build a stronger partnership to go after the cartels, to strengthen the rule of law, and to establish cooperation in reducing the unauthorized migrant flow into the United States while improving the legal immigration processing that is currently broken;

Support Israel as they continue to eliminate terrorist organizations which threaten both Israel and the United States;

Make it clear on day one that Taiwan will continue to be free and independent, and that America will make deterrence against Chinese aggression against Taiwan a priority, including by increase force levels in our bases in the Philippines; and

Increase sanctions on Iran to send a clear message: America will not tolerate Tehran’s support of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

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