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Governor Hutchinson Comments on New Trump Indictment


GOV. ASA HUTCHINSON COMMENTS ON NEW TRUMP INDICTMENT Trump's continued attacks on America's democracy and rule of law endanger our future

RYE, New Hampshire — The Asa for America campaign released the following statement today in regards to the most recent indictment of Donald Trump. This statement can be attributed to Governor Asa Hutchinson:

"This is another sad day for America with a former President being charged criminally for obstructing the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next. January 6 is a day that calls for accountability for those responsible. I have always said that Donald Trump is morally responsible for the attack on our democracy. Now, our system of Justice will determine whether he is criminally responsible. The latest indictment reaffirms my earlier call that Donald Trump should step away from the campaign for the good of the country. If not, the voters must choose a different path." — Gov. Asa Hutchinson, the 46th Governor of Arkansas and a current Republican candidate for President


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