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Governor Hutchinson Unveils Interactive AI Interface

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 27, 2023

GOV. ASA HUTCHINSON UNVEILS INTERACTIVE AI INTERFACE BEFORE TONIGHT'S DEBATE Even though he won't debate tonight, voters will be able to know where he stands on the issues

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Governor Asa Hutchinson, a Republican candidate for President, unveiled this afternoon an interactive artificial intelligence (AI) interface that voters will be able to utilize and ask specific issue-based questions. The interface has been programmed to respond with Governor Hutchinson's stance on important issues facing the United States and American families.

"The American people are going to have an opportunity to hear from some candidates this evening at the second RNC Presidential Primary Debate, but they won't have the opportunity to hear from all of us," said Gov. Asa Hutchinson, the 46th Governor of Arkansas and a current Republican candidate for President. "It is vitally important for every voter to be able to have an answer to their question and not simply rely on a moderator to hopefully ask it for them. That is why I am excited to unveil our Ask Asa platform this afternoon. This tool will allow voters to ask questions on their most important issues and get a response back from me."

The Ask Asa AI interface can be accessed by visiting The interface has been loaded with Governor Hutchinson's past public remarks, speeches, interviews, and policy positions in order to provide a realistic answer to voters' questions.

Governor Hutchinson instructed his campaign to develop this tool due to the growing prevalence of AI within the everyday lives of Americans. He believes the next Commander-in-Chief should understand and utilize the capabilities AI possesses to share knowledge and enrich our society.

"I have always led when it has come to investing in computer science, whether that is in our schools or in the private sector. By learning more about AI and utilizing it in our campaign, we are ensuring that my vision for America can be accessed by as many Americans as possible," concluded Gov. Hutchinson.


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