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"I’m optimistic about the future of America because together, we can move our nation in the right direction – an America that is strong and free."


Ignite Economic Growth

Enact pro-growth policies to stimulate job creation, propel expansion, and increase wages.

Fiscal Responsibility

Restore discipline by reducing federal government size, cutting spending, balancing the budget, and lowering the deficit to tame inflation.

Unleash American Energy

Embrace an "all-of-the-above" policy by reversing restrictions on pipeline construction and drilling, removing barriers to nuclear power, and ending the war on fossil fuels.

Empower the Private Sector

Cut taxes and reduce regulations to boost the private sector and enhance wages for American workers.

Invest in the Workforce

Implement policies and training programs to grow the labor pool, especially in manufacturing, and restore the dignity of work.

Reform Immigration Policy

Transition to a merit-based system that enhances and enriches America.  

Read about my State-Based Visa Proposal


Sustain Military Preeminence

Maintain American military superiority by investing in our military to protect our interests and the Western-based international system.

Promote Responsible Statesmanship

Advance American interests and uphold U.S. commitments to existing alliances, ensuring clarity in obligations and confidence in American support.

Ensure Fiscal Discipline

Prioritize budgetary restraint to drive sustained economic growth, reduce national debt, and safeguard national security.

Strong on China

Military and Security Measures: Focus on growing the naval fleet and strengthening military capabilities, and ensure supply chain security through source diversification, especially for critical goods like pharmaceuticals and high-tech components.

Economic Actions: Promote responsible decoupling in key industries and technologies, encourage the reshoring of manufacturing capabilities to the U.S., and bolster relationships with Indo-Pacific allies through trade agreements and strategically appropriate mutual defense pacts.

Alliance Commitments: Strengthen and reaffirm U.S. commitments to existing alliances, clarify obligations, and ensure allies are confident in American support.


Reform Federal Law Enforcement

Increase transparency, ensure consistency across agencies, and rebuild trust between law enforcement and the American people. 

- Read more about Governor Hutchinson's plan to reform federal law enforcement

Protect American Sovereignty

Secure the border and enforce immigration laws to maintain the integrity of the nation.

Enhance Public Safety

Enact policies to make America’s streets safer and support local law enforcement efforts in their vital roles.on laws to maintain the integrity of the nation.

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